'Surety One' is a specialist in surety and fidelity bond underwriting. We are one of the largest producers of ERISA fidelity bonds in the nation. Our knowledge, extensive experience with ERISA bonds, and our broad underwriting authorities allow us to fulfill your fidelity bond need immediately. We bond plans with non-qualifying assets, ESOPs, labor union and multi-employer plans. NO ONE is turned away!

Ok, so we are working on this. You may complete the ERISA bond application online and submit it to generate your instant premium quote. The fidelity bond application will be immediately delivered to an ERISA bond underwriter for approval. This portal will not allow you to pay or generate the bond for you, YET! We haven't figured that one out completely. Please be patient with us as we build an ERISA fidelity bond automatic approval system and develop superlative security for surety bond payments.

Online Premium Calculator

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) requires any fiduciary (party that handles funds on behalf of a defined benefit plan) to be covered by an ERISA bond. This is a fidelity bond to protect plan assets from fraud and/or other dishonest acts of a plan's fiduciary(ies). The requirement is MANDATORY! All applications AND ERISA bond premium quotes are integrated into forms on the page at the following link.

ERISA Bond Applications

Applying for an ERISA fidelity bond has never been easier. Our basic paper ERISA bond application is only five lines long! Trouble understanding the ERISA bond requirements? No problem. For a full explanation of what ERISA law requires or assistance understanding the fidelity bond application, you can review an extensive ERISA bond "Q & A" by clicking on the link below, or feel free to contact us.


If you need an ERISA bond, you should know what this symbol means.

ERISA fidelity bonds are required by federal law AND must be issued by a domestic insurance company that appears on the U.S. Treasury list of approved surety companies. Unless the insurance company that you choose appears on this list, your bond is worthless to you. Rating may also be important to you for long term ERISA fidelity bond obligations.